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Meet Arsene Lupin Here

In modern English
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I have translated eleven Arsene Lupin novels by Maurice Leblanc (1864 - 1941) which are all now available from Amazon Kindle Books.
A retired graduate in modern languages, I became interested in the Lupin stories while reading them in French on holiday in his native Normandy.
I feel that non-French readers are missing out very much by not having up to date English versions readily available. The first translations date from the early 20th century when the adventures were very popular world wide.
Bearing in mind the average person's addiction to crime fiction such as the works of Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I believe a newcomer on the scene like Lupin, a loveable rogue, would greatly enliven the genre. In addition to suspense, horror, mystery,cunning and subterfuge there is romance, humour, and the coups de theatre are really surprising.
fans of Sherlock Holmes would welcome their hero's appearance in the adventures, alongside Dr Watson of course, although it must be conceded that they do not always get their own way.
Being able to visit Normandy and envisage most of the locations mentioned in the stories is an added attraction.
Visit the Arsene Lupin Museum,
Clos-Lupin,15, rue Guy de Maupassant, Etretat

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